Explore Avoca's COVID-19 response and resources as the district continues to maximize the safety and health of its students, staff, and school community during the coronavirus pandemic.

Click on the above button to view the daily and weekly number of reported COVID cases per grade and staff. All contact tracing has been completed and any close contacts have been notified.

Latest Updates

Quarantine Guide (as of January 9, 2022)

Click on the table below which indicates how the updated guidance on quarantine/isolation affects students who have already been out of school due to being positive or being a close contact. Remember the following two things:

  • If a student still has a fever or has COVID symptoms, they should not return until those have dissipated.

  • Consult the school nurse to confirm the proper return date.

American Rescue Plan (ARP)

Upon passage of the American Rescue Plan (ARP) by Congress earlier this year, Avoca District 37 has been informed it is to receive federal funding that can be allocated over more than the next two fiscal years for specific purposes related to schools recovering from the effects of COVID, including effects on student learning and social-emotional health.

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Latest News

Posted January 9, 2022

The recent COVID incidence rates and positivity rates are increasing, but there are important steps we can continue to take. Here are the most important steps anyone can take to keep COVID from making school unsafe and impossible to continue in-person:

  • Get vaccinated and a booster

  • If symptomatic or if a student has been exposed, get them tested

  • Do not send COVID positive or symptomatic students to school

  • Wear an effective mask properly whenever indoors in public

  • Use rapid tests (if available) prior to going out to events or gatherings

  • Take advantage of testing clinics (see below)


The schools will be limiting curricular, co-curricular, and extracurricular activities and events that could result in overly large gatherings or result in mixing which would promote viral spread or confound contact tracing.

Testing Clinics

Marie Murphy will be hosting a testing clinic on January 22 and January 29. Please stay tuned for scheduling links to be sent in the coming weeks.

Glencoe District 35 will be hosting walk-in testing clinics in January too on the following dates at Misner Auditorium at Central School from 3:45 to 7 p.m.:

  • January 10

  • January 12

  • January 13

  • January 17

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Posted January 9, 2022

The Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) and Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) have announced that the agencies plan to adopt the CDC's guidance for PK-12 schools, which reduces the isolation and quarantine period to five days (as long as symptoms have subsided).

As a result, Avoca will implement this updated guidance. We do expect additional clarification as IDPH and ISBE provide more information in the coming weeks.

See "Quarantine Guide" to the left which explains when COVID positive and/or close contacts can return to school based on the new guidance.

Please note that today's announcement includes a reminder that universal masking inside school buildings is still required and is in effect until further notice. The District encourages double-masking and/or the use of KN95 mask if possible.

New Trier Booster Clinic for 12+ on January 12

Posted January 6, 2022

The 16+ booster clinic at New Trier has been expanded to a 12+ booster clinic. Availability is subject to chance. Attached is all of the information and the link to register. We will monitor registrations and look to work with Jewel/Osco to add another clinic as soon as possible if needed.

COVID Rates and Returning to School: Mitigation & Preparation

Posted December 30, 2021

Some school districts (none in New Trier Township) have indicated they will start the new year with remote learning due to COVID rates. We acknowledge that COVID rates are high, but we continue to consult our local health department guidance and recognize that we are in a different place than the last time COVID rates were so elevated. The County has not indicated that we should move to remote learning at this time.

Right now, we are planning for in-person instruction on January 3 for a number of reasons:

  • High vaccination rates

  • Ability to take additional mitigation steps, including

  • Further adapt internal operations

  • Limit extra classroom interactions (clubs, activities, athletics)

  • Test-to-stay program for identified 'close contacts'

However, please note that the steps you take at home are equally important to keep our schools open, including:

  • Get vaccinated and a booster (click here if you are eligible for a booster and want one)

  • If symptomatic or if a student has been exposed, get them tested

  • Do not send COVID positive or symptomatic students to school

  • Wear an effective mask properly whenever indoors in public

  • Use rapid tests (if available) prior to going out to events, including school on January 3rd

Many have asked if our schools would move to fully remote learning in response to rising COVID rates. As of now, unless directed otherwise by the County Health Department (CCDPH), we would approach a move to remote instruction on a classroom by classroom basis, then, if necessary a grade by grade basis. Only as a last resort would we move an entire school to remote learning for a specific period of time.

Also, because of potential strains on staffing due to COVID, we could experience classroom-level disruptions to learning in the coming weeks. We have developed contingencies for internal subbing and have marshaled as many external subs as possible. If you are interested in being a substitute teacher next week and you have had a booster, please contact Susan Lovell via email at

New Centers for Disease Control (CDC) guidance regarding isolation and quarantine has changed. We do not yet know if the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) or CCDPH will issue similar guidance as no specific guidance for schools has changed as of this date.

Posted December 30, 2021

If your student has been vaccinated or you are a staff member that has received a booster, please make sure you register through our secure site by clicking on the link above. Vaccination affects your status as close contact and related quarantine.

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