Veteran Services

It's Time For Us To Serve You!

Transitioning to civilian life after active military duty isn't easy. Your constant presence at home could lead to stress on you, your spouse and children. You might even experience frustration in searching but not finding suitable employment opportunities upon leaving the service, thereby creating financial pressures on your family.

We understand and can help. Dr. Gloria Brown leads a team that supports service men and women who have either left military life or are considering leaving military life and addresses concerns about the transition. More specifically, the team can:

  • Provide proven methods of managing stress originating specifically from transitioning to civilian life
  • Assist in obtaining maximum entitlement benefits from the Veterans Administration and local communities
  • Offer career guidance and help find civilian employment opportunities

Dr. Brown is a Veteran who served her country for 8 years and was trained for combat duty. She struggled for years to find a place in the civilian world before making the necessary adjustments to build a successful practice. Dr. Gloria Brown has since made it her mission to help service men and women swiftly and smoothly readjust to civilian life.