AVSP Consultation and Counseling Services, Inc

Dr. Gloria Brown, Licensed Psychotherapist and founder of AVSP Consultation and Counseling Services, Inc. presents Our Very Special Place TM.

Our Very Special Place is where you come to heal and rejuvenate mind, body and soul. We make your healing a priority by providing a safe and supportive environment to share your concerns. A Very Special Place allows you to explore concerns and find effective ways to heal using Psychotherapy, Counseling and Coaching.

Living in a fast pace environment subjects us to a lot of stress and anxiety. This can affect our total well-being and leave us emotionally deficient. As individuals, we often try to cope by putting our needs on the back burner and placing everything and everyone else first. Before it is realized, your emotional, physical and spiritual health begin to suffer. Then begins the spiraling path into ill health, where suffering from headaches, tension, weight loss, weight gain, heart problems, hyper-tension or a host of more serious ailments is common.

Our Very Special Place provides psychotherapy, Stress and Anger Management, and entitlement counseling to individuals, families and groups experiencing anxiety, phobias or mild depression.


  • Exploring fears that often leads to anxiety, phobias, panic-attacks or mild depression

  • Learning to manage these fears which results in lowering and gradual elimination of disabling symptoms

  • Overcoming interpersonal problems that often inhibits ones' ability to initiate and sustain healthy relationships with family, friends or significant other

  • Coping with issues associated with caring for elderly or disabled family members

  • Coping with family or career demands

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