ACC Faculty Values

Supporting Our Mission

Our Goal

About this Faculty-Driven Project

The Faculty Senate and Adjunct Faculty Association collaborated during the Fall 2017 semester to bring faculty together to discuss and define ACC Faculty Core Values. The goal of this effort was to shape future faculty programming. We believe that when we have a shared view of our values, we can realign ACC processes like professional development, instructor/course evaluations, new faculty orientation, and shared governance so that they reflect and support our values and roles in the college.

In these dialogues, faculty explored questions such as:

  1. What are the most important elements in your role as a faculty member at ACC?
  2. What do you invest your time and effort in?
  3. What goals are important as you teach?
  4. How do you serve your students, the college, and our community?

The new Teaching & Learning Excellence Division has been an important partner in leading this process and providing support. Our administration is consciously working to strengthen their collaborative relationship with us, and an important part of that process is faculty engagement in faculty-driven, grassroots efforts like this.

Learn more about the best practices we followed in our Criteria on Assessing Core Values.