Pacing Guides

The SY21 Pacing Guides provide unit or domain-level guidance. The pacing guides take into consideration the unique needs of the 2020-2021 school year. This includes notation of priority standards where applicable.

Update: August 26th

All K-8 ELA and Math pacing guides are now available. Please note, pacing guides are living documents that may be edited throughout the year to reflect the learning models for SY21. Please contact with questions.

Curriculum Access

Please access the curriculum materials directly from the curriculum websites. This ensures all staff are accessing the most up to date materials.

Accessing CKLA Resources (K-2 ELA)

To access the CKLA curriculum materials, please visit and select "1st edition". Teachers and leaders will need to create a free log-in to access the materials. The access code is CKLA01. Please find specific directions for navigating to the curricular resources in the CKLA Curriculum Access Guide

Accessing EL 2.0 Resources (3rd-8th ELA)

In order to access the EL 2.0 curriculum, please go to the websites listed below. You will need to create a free account.

For further instructions, please see the ELA Curriculum Access Guide

Accessing Eureka Math (K-8 Math)

In order to access the curriculum, please go to the Great Minds website. You will need to create a free account. Please find specific instructions for navigating to curricular resources in the Eureka Math Curriculum Access Guide