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Parents: please watch the video below and fill out this form for the Dana Music Club.

LIFT Club meets Tuesdays at 1 pm. Go to Google Classroom code ov26tu6. We will be talking about faith, the Bible, and other fun stuff.

The mission of the Dana Music Department is for students to learn how to enjoy music on a daily basis, while acquiring the necessary skills and disciplines to perform music to the best of their ability, individually and as a team of musicians

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Check out the DANA MUSIC CLUB page on this site to find out about how you can further participate in your child's musical education and growth. The music club supports the MUSIC COACHES and MUSIC ASSISTANT in the Dana Music Program, both integral parts of our award winning ensembles and classes.

We will be posting the minutes from the Dana Music Club meetings on that page, as well as important parent information.

Dana Middle School Guitar Ensemble during their Annual Coffee House Concert, in which they "Give Bach" and introduce other Dana students to guitar by showing them how, and letting them play along with a song in the concert.



Mr. Grable will be in the Music Room at Dana on Wednesdays from 12:40 - 2:30 for instrument tuning, instrument repairs, borrow a book or music stand. If you need to take your instrument to a music shop for repair, Dana recommends Lee' Music on 1st Street in Arcadia.


Students that are interested in PRIVATE instruction - Most of Dana's professional coaching instructors are also available for teaching private lessons to Dana students. If you are interested in one on one private instruction, from a highly skilled professional instructor, ask your coaching instructor, or Mr. Grable for more information.


Dana is fortunate to have very good instruments for our students to use, however many students want to own their own instrument. When you are ready to purchase an instrument, make SURE that you discuss this with Mr. Grable and/or your group coaching instructor, so that they can recommend an instrument that will play well, will be high quality, will serve your own specific needs, and will be in the price range that is comfortable.

Music Elective Club is happening Thursday at lunch for anyone who is not currently enrolled in a music class. Please log into this Google Classroom (code jivi3sz) to get started. Also, log into the music class you would have been in. Google Classroom links and emails, Click ME! Finally, log into Smart Music using info in Class stream for your respective class. (posted Wednesday, Sept. 2. )

DANA MUSIC CLUB - The Dana Music Club is the opportunity for parents to become involved in the Dana music program. The club supports the program with parent volunteers for special events, concerts, communication, uniforms, fundraising, off campus events, etc. Programs through the music club support our music coaching efforts and music assistant to Mr. Grable. Check out the Dana Music Club page on this website for more information

Dana Middle School Music Program

3 String Orchestras

2 Concert Bands & Marching Band

Symphony Orchestra


Student Music Club

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Dana Middle School has a complete music program with music students from beginners to advanced. Jeff Grable is the program director. Assisting Mr. Grable are individual instrument coaches. Each group meets daily. While our music groups are meeting remotely this semester, the enthusiasm and intensity of learning remains high. Dana music students continue to grow and excel and exhibit consistent improvement and fortitude.

Two Bands - The Wind Ensemble and Concert Band both perform throughout the school year. In the fall semester, Wind Ensemble members perform as the Dana Marching Mariners, including auxiliary units (drill team, flags) that march and compete in local parades.

Three Orchestras - Marina Orchestra, String Orchestra, and Symphonic Strings orchestral ensembles meet the musical growth needs of the large variety of skills of our middle school musicians, from beginner to advanced. In addition to concerts and other performances, the advanced groups participate in festivals and competitions, consistently receiving high accolades from the judges.

Symphony Orchestra - In addition to the 3 string orchestras at Dana and 2 bands that meet daily at Dana, the Spring Pops concert features a full Symphony Orchestra comprised from the integration of Band 3 and Orchestra 3.

Guitar Class - Guitar class meets daily and explores a variety of guitar styles, including Flamenco & Classical. The guitar ensemble performs in a coffee house event at Dana Middle School every year.

Private Group Instrumental Coaching - Dana provides individual instrument group instruction with area professional musicians on a weekly basis for band instruments, orchestra instruments and guitar.

Music Club Elective- Dana has a Music Club Elective that meets once a week for students that are not enrolled in a music class at Dana. It offers an opportunity for students to meet together in smaller groups and participate remotely in the class assignments, practice on their own, or be creative with their musicianship with other students. Music club meets at 12:40 every Thursday, under the direction of Mr. Grable.

Mr. Jeff Grable, Music Director

Mr. Grable has been teaching music for 20 years. He has taught band, orchestra, guitar and choir at the elementary, middle school and high school levels. Mr. Grable earned his undergraduate degree at San Diego State University, and Masters of Music Education at Azusa Pacific University. In college, he received the Marching Aztec Scholarship Award and was selected to be in the National Music Honor Society, Pi Kappa Lambda. Mr. Grable has recorded and produced several albums which can be found online as well as on iTunes. Mr. Grable lives with his wife Amy, and their four children.