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Increasing educator effectiveness and results for all students

Aurora Public Schools Professional Learning seeks to provide every educator with opportunities to become an even more effective agent for the success for our students. By promoting opportunities for study within our own district, through universities in our area, and through online learning, we seek to match our talented staff with professional learning experiences that will transform their instruction.


Guidebook for Professional Learning Final October 2018

The Professional Learning Office and Conference Center


15771 E 1st Avenue, Aurora CO 80011

Phone: 303-326-2000 ext. 28720

Fax: 303-326-1954

Professional Learning Opportunities

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Pre-Approved Online Professional Learning Opportunities

Based on criteria developed by the Professional Learning Department we have determined that the following organizations provide appropriate and rigorous online coursework. We do not endorse these organization, however, their coursework meets our expectations; and therefore certificates earned through them will receive automatic approval. Online courses provided by organizations other than those listed below will be subject to a vetting process and may not be approved. If you have any other course providers you would like for us to consider adding to this list, please contact Shawn Roloff, Professional Learning EdTech TOSA.

The Professional Learning Team:

Jennifer Sheldon, Director of Professional Learning

Email: jmsheldon@aurorak12.org

Phone: ext. 28703

Brenda Moreno, Professional Learning and Conference Center Clerk

Email: bemoreno@aurorak12.org

Phone: ext. 28701

Justin Peterson, Professional Learning and Conference Center Site Technician

Email: jepeterson@aurorak12.org

Phone ext. 28720

Shawn Roloff, Non-Instructional Educational Technology TOSA

Email: smroloff@aurorak12.org

Phone ext. 28730