Switching to Classflow


What is Classflow?

If you are an ActivInspire/Promethean Board user, you are most likely comfortable in the ActivInspire environment. You can present lessons that are interactive to your students, you can save the lessons and annotate using the toolbox. But, like all things, there are limitations in inspire. There is now Classflow and Classflow desktop to present lessons. There are new actions available, lessons can be shared with students, activities are interactive, students can have an account and so much more. This site is meant to serve as a help as you make the transition to this "New Generation Lesson Delivery."

There are two different options for lesson delivery. Classflow and Classflow Desktop.

Classflow is a web-based lesson delivery system that stores your lessons, activities, and classes. You can design lessons online or import your ActivInspire Flipcharts.

Classflow Desktop is installed on your computer (replaces ActivInspire) to present your lessons without necessarily being online.

You can send cards to student devices and conduct polls.

Both have the ability to annotate lessons, use a virtual whiteboard, and can save student answers. You can import your Google Classroom rosters so your students won't have to create their own accounts.

To read the official announcement and timeline go HERE

How do I get started?

Go to www.classflow.com