Art Club

Century Art Club

Art club is an enriched art program in which students may work on independent art projects in a social setting that differ from projects completed during instructional time in the classroom. Students are encouraged to develop their own aesthetic styles while exploring areas of the visual arts that they are interested in; expanding upon their current artistic skills and utilizing a variety of mediums and techniques. They will also have a chance to participate in art contests and help design sets for the choir and drama performances. To begin the year, we will have 1st grade and 2nd grade meeting on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s and 3rd-5th grade meeting on Wednesday’s and Friday’s from 9:45-10:30 am.

Don't forget to also check out the Century Art Website HERE

Magical Agamographs!

An agamograph is a piece of art work composed of two separate images. Since the images are folded in an accordion style, as the viewer passes by the piece, the. images morph from the first image to the second image.

Downtown Denver in the RiNo Art District you can find this large Agamograph!

So in STEAM, we created our own Agamographs! As student's walk down the hallway, they love to see how the drawings morph into a different picture!

Crayola Animation Studio during STEAM time!

Students designed their own characters and backgrounds to turn into an animation. They then used the Crayola Animation Studio App to scan their character and background into the iPAd and used the Robot to animate their character however they wanted! Some even added their own sound effects to their animations! The finished animations are uploaded below :)