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The READ Act

The Colorado Reading To Ensure Academic Development Act (Colorado READ Act) was passed by the Colorado Legislature during the 2012 legislative session. The READ Act repeals the Colorado Basic Literacy Act (CBLA) as of July 1, 2013, keeping many of the elements of CBLA such as a focus on K-3 literacy, assessment, and individual plans for students reading below grade level. The READ Act differs from CBLA by focusing on students identified as having a significant reading deficiency, delineating requirements for parent communication, and providing funding to support intervention. Other components of the Colorado READ Act include a competitive Early Literacy Grant and a resource bank of assessments, instructional programming, and professional development.

For more information regarding the Colorado READ Act and its rules, consult the Colorado Department of Education's Literacy website

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Multilingual Learners and READ Act

Look for the CLDE logo for resources regarding how multilingual learners learn to read in English!

Did you know that the majority of students with READ Plans in APS are also multilingual learners?

It is important to note the distinct implications related to teaching students to read through English. The Colorado English Language Proficiency (CELP)/WIDA Standards explain that language proficiency level appropriate scaffolds and supports are necessary for English learners at all levels. The Colorado Department of Education has provided guidance related specifically to English Learners and the READ Act.    

Click here for the guidance to READ Plan Oral Language goal construction, monitoring, and instructional support for multilingual learners who are in-program to receive ELD services.  

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