Thanks for downloading CamToPlan!

You'll find here a short video of the app and a quick tutorial to help you draw your first plan.

Video demo

Step by step tutorial

1- Switch on the lights, open the curtains and click on the yellow "+" button

2- Allow the app to access your camera

3- Look slowly to the floor around you with your device.

After 10 seconds, you will see yellow dots on the screen. Those dots are the details that the app has detected.

Go on looking all around you slowly while the app analyses those details.

4- the app starts detecting the floor. The floor appears with a green texture. Go on moving around your device until you reach 100%

if you encounter difficulties to detect the floor, please check our TIPS

5- the floor is fully detected.

6- just tap the screen to add new points on the floor

7- when you're done, click on the button on the up right

8- you can see your plan. You can share it with the up right button