Floor detection

If you ever find yourself in a situation where the app seems unable to detect the floor, this page provide a few tips that solve 90% of the problems.

Please take a minute to check them! Thanks!

1- Restart your device (required only for Android users)

If you use an Android phone, please restart your device and try the app again. It will solve the floor detection problems in most cases.

If restarting your device didn't solve the problem, please go to paragraph 3 and further.

2- Upgrade your device to the latest OS update (required only for iOS users)

here's how to do this on iOS :

open the Settings

Click General

Check for Software Updates

3- Switch on the lights!

The app needs light to see the details.

Don't hesitate to open the curtains.

not enough light

light is ok

4- Check the floor material

The app analyses the video and relies on the details that it finds in the images.

It sometimes get lost with uniform surfaces especially those with reflections (such as some kind of floor tiles ).

If there's a carpet in the room, then use it to detect the floor.

Please check those examples:

Wooden floor: OK because the texture has lots of details

Small red tiles: OK because they are not too uniform

White carpet: OK because there are lots of details

Gray carpet: OK because it has lots of details

White tiles:

maybe not OK

because they are too uniform. No details.

Lots of reflections:

maybe not OK

because the app may not understand

If the floor seems not ok, just drop something on it like a little carpet or a few magazines and this should do the trick:

Those floor tiles with reflections are too uniform

The app detects quickly the papers

If really nothing works, just go to another room and come back when the floor is detected.

5- look all around you

Slowly look at the floor all around you with the device

Don't hesitate to spin around yourself completely.

You will see yellow dots on the screen before the floor is detected

6- if the app tells you...

if the app still tells you to "move to a well lighted area without any reflections" :

please click "cancel" on the top left, move a few meters and try again

7- if this still doesn't work :

please click "cancel" on the top left

go to another place (ex: the living room if you are in the kitchen) with another kind of floor if possible (a carpet for example).

When the floor is detected you can come back in the first room.