We believe that reading can be a pleasurable experience for all students, and that it is a skill that can and must be developed through practice. As such, we value summer reading as a vehicle to exercise young minds, to increase literacy, and to cultivate a love of reading.


The primary goal of summer reading is to maintain essential skills and to motivate students to read books that are both challenging and appealing. For students in Honors and AP courses, summer reading has the additional purpose of supplementing the curriculum. The lists have been devised to promote college readiness and success in high school students.


This year’s summer reading experience will be an active one. Students will be able to engage in digital experiences throughout the summer that relate to the whole school books. These activities represent a diverse range of interests. All major disciplines are represented and each department has devised various activities/challenges that are related to the books. Students are encouraged to participate in learning experiences across various content areas and will be awarded points for each activity completed. These points will then be translated to a mark on each student’s trimester one report card.

Obtaining Books

Before leaving for summer vacation, students will know in which English class they are enrolling and should consult the appropriate section of the reading list. Students are encouraged to buy their own books. Underlining, highlighting, and annotating personally owned books is also recommended. Several area bookstores have our reading list and will have books available. Students may also borrow books from the Attleboro Public Library.


All students will read at least one of the whole school summer reading books. Beyond that, students have an array of choices that all fit under the school district’s summer reading theme of building a better world. To offer even more choice, students not enrolling in honors or AP courses may read the books on those lists for their appropriate grade level.

Notice to Guardians

Although the books on this list are appropriate for high school students, both students and guardians should be aware that some books contain adult topics with adult language and/or controversial material. Different students and families have different perspectives on what is most appropriate for a student’s best choice so please review these books carefully before deciding which ones are most appropriate for your child.