Fr. Bezuszka/Peg Kenney

ATMNE established the Rev. Stanley J. Bezuszka, S.J. and Margaret J. (Peg) Kenney Lifetime Service Award for Mathematics Teaching and Learning to recognize outstanding contributors to mathematics education both within the ATMNE region and beyond the New England States. 

Fr Bezuszka/Peg Kenney Award Recipients

2008 Rev. Stanley J. Bezuszka, S.J

2009 Margaret J. Kenney

2010 Fernand Prevost

2011 Jacqueline Mitchell

2012 Richard Evans

2013 William Masalski

2015 Anne Collins

2018 Beverly Ferrucci

2020 Steve Yurek

A History of Rev. Stanley J. Bezuszka, S.J. and Margaret J. (Peg) Kenney

From an initial relationship of devoted teacher and earnest student, a strong and powerful professional collaboration and friendship between Stanley J. Bezuszka, S.J. (Fr. B) and Margaret J. (Peg) Kenney emerged. In 1957, the Boston College Mathematics Institute (BCMI) was established with Fr. B as the director. He selected Peg as his assistant. Together they developed the BCMI into an influential professional development organization for mathematics educators. Teachers from around the United States and other countries valued their time at Boston College (BC) to strengthen their mathematics background. Fr. B and Peg received and accepted invitations to provide on-site professional development nationally and internationally, thus serving thousands of additional educators.

While each had individual strengths, passions, and personalities, both Fr. B and Peg were dedicated mathematicians and educators whose individual careers each spanned over 60 years. They were professors of mathematics at BC and, in addition to managing BCMI, they co-wrote such classic resources as: Number Treasury (the final edition, Number Treasury3: Investigations, Facts and Conjectures about More Than 100 Number Families, was published in 2015); Tessellations: The Geometry of Patterns; Designs from Mathematical Patterns; and Informal Geometry Explorations: An Activity-Based Approach. They contributed numerous articles to National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) publications and those of NCTM affiliates. Fr. B gave more than 1,000 presentations, workshops, and mini-courses; Peg’s accomplishments in those areas were only slightly fewer. Each contributed to textbooks, monographs, and research papers of highly-regarded authors.

Peg and Fr. B respected classroom teachers and were highly respected teachers themselves. Both enjoyed working with teachers and with students in classrooms. They were deeply involved in organizations devoted to mathematics education. They served on the Boards of Directors of ATMIM, the Association of Teachers of Mathematics in New England, and NCTM. Both were honored with lifetime achievement awards by professional mathematics education organizations. They were initial inductees to the Association of Teachers of Mathematics in Massachusetts (ATMIM) Hall of Fame.

Fr. B and Peg knew how to make geometric explorations intriguing and number theory topics engaging. In addition, Fr. B had an insatiable appetite for scientific and mathematical interests with a particular penchant for the history of mathematics and calculus. Peg’s varied studies and works also included her special interest in discrete mathematics.

After Fr. B’s death in 2008, Peg described three characteristic traits of Fr. B’s personality: energy, enthusiasm, and curiosity. Peg passed away in 2016. Three words that capture Peg’s spirit could be: vitality, inspiration, and insight. As standards and practices in mathematics education evolved, Fr. B and Peg stayed involved in the process, continuing to improve their own practice and inspire others to do likewise. They worked as a team for nearly fifty years, sharing a deep belief in effective mathematics instruction, service to others, and devotion to Boston College. They received many grants, instituted programs for in-service and pre-service teachers, and supported them with worthwhile resources.

A Tribute to Father Stan Bezuszka narrated by M. Peg Kenney at the National Council of Supervisors of Mathematics (NCSM) 41st Annual Conference in Washington D.C. on April 22, 2009. "Fr. B" had a long and distinguished career in mathematics education and passed away on December 27, 2008 just one month shy of his 95th birthday. 

Recent Balomenos Lecturers

2023 Eric Pendiscio & Justin Dimmel Portland, ME

2022 Bob Laird Killington, VT

2021 Virtual Conference

2020 Conference Cancelled - COVID Pandemic

2019 No Conference - NCTM Regional in Boston

2018 Kees de Groot Warwick, RI

2017 Grace Kelemanik Marlborough, MA

2016 Richard Evans Manchester, NH

2015 Pam Buffington Portland, ME

2014 No Conference - NCTM Regional in Boston

2013 Tim Whiteford Killington, VT

2012 Charlene Tate Nichols Hartford, CT

2011 James Bierden Warwick, RI

2010 Karen Graham Nashua, NH

2009 Anne M. Collins Boston, MA

2008 W. Tad Johnston Portland, ME

2007 Margaret (Peg) Bondorew Springfield, MA

Full list of Balomenos Lecturers

Balomenos Lecture

On December 30, 1986, Dr. Richard H. Balomenos and his wife, Georgia, died tragically in an automobile accident in Dover, New Hampshire.  Dr. Balomenos, who was Chairman of the Department of Mathematics at the University of New Hampshire at the time of his death, was a devoted mathematics educator throughout his twenty-five year career.  He served as President of the Association of Teachers of Mathematics in New England from 1980 to 1982, and as Editor of the ATMNE Newsletter from 1979 through 1986.  His death represents a profound loss for the mathematics education community in New England. 

We will remember Richard for his dedication to his profession, and his belief that mathematics teachers could accomplish great things, given appropriate resources and support. He humbly went about the business of improving mathematics education by promoting solid mathematics background for teachers and students, and he did so with infectious enthusiasm and humor.  Richard offered strong opinions, and by so doing, encouraged the rest of us to defend and justify our own positions on educational issue.  He initiated and influenced countless curriculum development and teacher education program in New England that have touched us all in various ways.  His students and colleagues now share the responsibility for carrying forward his ideals.  

At the May 1987 meeting of the ATMNE Board, the Annual Richard H. Balomenos Memorial Lecture was established as a featured session at all future ATMNE Fall Conferences.  The speaker selected for the session will, in some way, exemplify Richard’s approach to mathematics education.  That is, we expect that the speaker will offer the type of strong, and possibly controversial points of view, that spark us to think carefully about the improvement of mathematics education.

The speaker is selected by the Program and Conference Chairs and reported to the ATMNE Board at the Spring Board Meeting.