The P.O. (Parole Officer)

is the story of a failed cop who finds his professional and personal redemption pursuing a slick, white-collar criminal via a lesser-known, less specialized branch of law enforcement known as "parole." John Augustus, the actual name of America's first probation/parole officer who worked in the Boston courts way back in 1841, is an LAPD officer who moved down to Orange County on "rehabilitation" after getting involved in a civilian fatality during a high-speed pursuit in Los Angeles. Working out of Anaheim parole as a rookie agent, John tries to embrace his new law enforcement job and find himself again while living in an apartment on Balboa Island, tending his illegal pet ferret, "Felon," and restoring his old '55 Speedster Porsche. One of his new cases, a white collar con artist just out of Chino Prison, leads John into the exotic world of classic, restored automobiles and to the beautiful daughter of Newport Beach's prominent classic car salesman. The trail leads to south America as these expensive, rare investment vehicles are being shipped out of the country -- as payment for what?

Learning the complexities of the parole system, John fights crime and himself before ending up at a big classic car auction -- where all the players come together to bid against and confront one another. A dangerous, high-speed, stunt-filled chase in two of these high-powered rarities ensues, leading to an incredible car jump onto the wooden Balboa Island ferry!

John Augustus survives his first major test of fire running parolees and carries on in his new job with his new blonde girlfriend, Kerry, the auction owner's daughter. With his experienced black lady parole agent partner, Babs Babcock, his supervisor, Ken Ort, and three other parole agents on his squad of six -- an Hispanic ex-cop, female social worker, and a high-control agent formerly working corrections, this team takes on an assortment of interesting cases every week in the hour dramatic series spin-off from this first TV-Movie back-door pilot.

The P.O.'s begins with an exciting "teaser" every episode of that week's parolee begin caught and committed for his crime, then picks up his case in the rest of the hour as he's being let out into parole with our Orange County agents. Stories based on real cases from the files of Anaheim Parole form the basis of our first half season's worth of shows, as these released criminals return to their old hoods and criminal habits, violate their "conditions of parole" and are sent back again through the California prison system by John Augustus and his teammates. Since the function of parole, however, is to rehabilitate, every third or fourth episode one of these agents will succeed, after a struggle, in getting his charge off parole and back into society as a working, tax-paying citizen finally out of his life of crime.

This feature-length script, 14 storylines, and the "bible," the major character descriptions and how this different law enforcement story transitions into a weekly action television series, are all available in a package from Hoodwinks Productions in Los Angeles (310-578-5404).