4 a.m. story conference between the rookie director and famed actresses Tippi Hedren and Marcia Rodd on the Mountaingate Country Club course in the Sepulveda Pass above Westwood, California, while making Mulligans!

"Miles, your film was an enormous hit!"

Karen vanMeenen, Director, Rochester International Short Film Festival, May, 1999.

23 minutes, NTSC and PAL VHS videocassettes or DVDs of Mulligans! are available for $20 each, which includes postage, from Miles Swarthout at 8180 Manitoba Street, #354, Playa del Rey, California 90293.

Mulligans! -- was filmed over eight long nights in April/May of 1997 under the aegis of UCLA Extension's year-long short film course. This 23-minute 35mm comedy tells the tale of Dottie and Madge, two golf widows who set out on a midnight misadventure after too many martinis at their country club to execute the last wish of Madge's deceased husband. Harvey wanted his ashes strewn in the sandtrap next to the 16th green, where he had once hit a hole-in-one, the high point of his life. So, in high heels and recrimination, Tippi Hedren and Marcia Rodd grab fresh cocktails and Harvey's brass urn, "borrow" a golf cart, and off into the darkening night they go! Trouble follows . . .

In three years on the international film festival circuit, Mulligans! became a hit, bringing more acting work to its two female stars and applause, laughter, and prizes to its filmmakers. Since its UCLA Extension summer of '97 premiere at the Motion Picture Academy Theatre in Beverly Hills, Mulligans! has played such film festivals as the 26th Algarve Short Film Festival in Portugal, the 20th Independent Feature Film Market in New York City, the 10th New Orleans, the 18th Hawaiian, the 17th Three Rivers in Pittsburgh, the 4th Palm Beach, the 30th Nashville, the 16th Long Island, and the 15th Boston Film Festival, and the 2nd CineVegas. Mulligans! has won a Gold Medal as the Best Comedy Short (Adaptation) at the 31st Houston Worldfest; a Runner-Up as Best Short Film at the 21st Philafilm festival; an Honorable Mention for the Grand Prix in their professional category at the 37th short film festival in Huy, Belgium; a Prizewinner as one of the Bests of the Fest at the 41st Rochester Festival (America's oldest shortsfest); Best Comedy Short at the 4th Sea to Sky Festival in Squamish, British Columbia; a CINE Gold Eagle (professional category) from the United States Information Agency, Washington, D.C., a President's Award for Short Subject from the 2nd Ajijic International de Cine, Jalisco, Mexico.

"Mulligans! has also aired nearly 50 times on the Womens' Entertainment network, the WE channel. It's now downloadable for free streaming off this website."

Tippi Hedren also won a Best Actress in a Short Film Prize from the 2nd Methodfest Film Festival in Pasadena, California, in June 2000. Scenes from Mulligans! were also shown in the Rochester Film Festival's 50th Anniversary "Best of their Best" celebration at this oldest continuously operating short film festival in the world at George Eastman House's Little Theatre on May 2, 2008, in Kodak's home town."

This pilot episode is shot and all set to become a single camera, filmed half-hour sitcom of an American version of the British hit, Absolutely Fabulous. Treatments for the first 8 half-hour episodes are available from Hoodwinks Productions in Playa del Rey, California (310-578-5404).

"I can't believe it? I thought your marriage was just about perfect."

"Hookers? Harvey? I can-not believe it . . .""

"Is it a wild spaniel?"