Created in November 2023 using Rise 360, this thorough training was developed for counselors at a small outpatient counseling facility located in Arizona. The primary objective was to enhance their skills and knowledge to effectively support both new and existing LGBTQIA+ clients.

I developed post-course and companion materials, each featuring custom QR codes, meticulously crafted to suit stakeholders' preferences. These supplements were thoroughly researched and tailored to specific learner needs, ensuring accuracy and relevance. Utilizing Canva, I created all materials from scratch, ensuring a personalized learning experience. Click "Access" below to view supporting documents for this project.

PowerPoint created to teach educators how to deliver creative and engaging lessons on The Hero's Journey.

Created using Canva, this was a standalone image showcasing the 12 steps of The Hero's Journey.

Professional site created using WordPress for a small startup that designed websites locally. The site is no longer active, but screenshots are provided if you follow the download link.

Digital business card and logo created using Photoshop for a startup that designed websites locally. The company's mission was to donate a percentage of profits to local dog shelters.

Character sheet created in Piktochart to show students of how to analyze a character. 

Team Performance Analysis created with Canva, targeted at improving growth mindset in public educators.

Needs Assessment and Learner Analysis in reference to time management using Piktochart.

E-Learning created using Articulate Rise that teaches users the basics of live streaming. The design showcases the simplicity of program, while still meeting learner goals and engaging users.