Meet Our Staff

Camille Cottrell -Editor in Chief

18 year old senior, plays volleyball

Meet The 2018 Staff!

Makayla Cary -Junior Editor in Chief

15 year old sophomore. Works at Fultano's.

Astronemis Ray -Business Manager

17 year old senior. Member of marching band & color guard captain, does cheerleading, key club officer (editor). Engineer of Astoria Youth Radio. Musician, plays alto saxophone.

Genevieve Knutson -Media Specialist

16 year old sophomore. Used to do cheerleading, @HHS Loves to make and consume food.

Shae Wood -Social Media Manager, Columnist

15 year old sophomore. Enjoys photography.

Hayley Kelly -Photographer, Sports Reporter

15 year old sophomore. Plays soccer and basketball.

Leila Brown -Photographer

15 year old sophomore. Plays volleyball.

Maddie Sisley -Photographer

14 year old freshman. Plays soccer.

Johnny Carbonaro -Sports Reporter

16 year old junior. Plays baseball.

Colton Dyrset -Sports Editor

16 year old junior.

Jude Atkinson -Columnist

14 year old freshman. Enjoys photography.

Julie Hale -Opinion Editor, Cartoonist

16 year old junior. Enjoys writing.

Ericka Stafford -News Editor, Cartoonist

17 year old senior. Likes to rap and cook. At the same time.

Jacob fox -Designer/Editor