Football 2018


Varsity quarterback Bo Williams on the upcoming Homecoming game, “I’m expecting a large crowd and a dub.”

Volleyball 2018


The astoria girls volleyball team were very excited to get brand new nets! The lady fish have been fundraising for a long time to get new equipment and they were able to start league with brand new nets.

Girls Soccer


The girls varsity soccer team ended their pre season with a 2-2-1 and they are starting their league season 3-3-2.

Boys Soccer


Jonathan Jimenez from the boys soccer team says, “We’ve come a long way since the beginning of the season, we’ve got a lot better. We’re a young team and the young players are stepping up. If we keep it up I can see us having a great season with no problems.”

Cross Country 2018


Last weekend's Cross Country ‘Alumni’ took place at Fort Stevens. With all thirty two Cross Country runners participating it turned out well. Afterwards the runners had a potluck. There were runners as young as middle school students and as elderly as graduating class of the late 60’s. The weather wasn’t looking good but it turned out sunny and beautiful. For the girls team, Sophie Long won. For the boys team, Anton Heinrich finished first.

Cheerleaders 2018


Astoria High School has a new addition to their athletic programs, cheerleading! The team has been practicing hard all summer to prepare their performances and cheer for our school. This is the first time in 17 years since there has been a cheerleading team. Tyleen Townsend (Junior) was a former cheerleader at her old school in West Virginia, which inspired her to create a team here at AHS. Townsend remarked, “At my old school, cheerleaders pumped up the school and encouraged more school spirit. I think the same thing is happening here because the football boys seem to be doing good and I think we’re motivating them.” This season the team will be led by Nikki Sasso (Senior), Tyleen Townsend (Junior), Emma Graham (Junior), and Daelyn Smith (Junior). The rest of the team that will be cheering this fall includes Ada Gutierrez, Diana Mendez, Emmy Huber, Ilihia Kaonohi, Kaylynn Martin, Kylie Witherbee, Astronemis Ray, Mikinzie Kelley, Noelle Bastiaen, and Trinity Simonsen. Good luck to our cheer team!