Transcript Requests

Current Students:

Counseling staff members can print an unofficial transcript at any time upon request of a student or parent. To mail a transcript to a college or university, please fill out a form in the counseling office. Allow at least a week for the transcript to be mailed.

Alumni & Past Students:

To request a transcript, we prefer you fill out the Transcript Request Form from this page and email or fax it to our office. You may also contact the counseling office by email or phone. Please indicate the year you graduated or stopped attending AHS, your name at the time you were a student, and the location where you would like your transcript sent. There is no charge for this service.

By Phone: 503-325-3911 ext. 340

By Email:

Please note - anyone over the age of 18 must request the transcripts themselves -- due to educational privacy laws, parents may not call on a former student's behalf.

AHS Transcript Request Form