The curriculum at Astoria High School is designed to meet the needs of our students as they prepare for college, post high school training, and the world of work. The graduation requirements at AHS meet and exceed the State of Oregon graduation requirements and, in doing so, challenge students to do their best in their areas of interest and yet provide a broad range of courses for all students.

The staff at Astoria High School encourages all students to pursue a well-rounded high school program. AHS offers a large number of elective opportunities in foreign language, music, fine arts, drama, industrial arts, experiential programs and career exploration. We encourage our students to work closely with their parents, teachers and counselors to understand all their options and to determine the program of study that best prepares them for life beyond high school.

During high school, students will begin developing a transcript which indicates educational success. Postsecondary schools will examine this transcript carefully, as well many jobs, apprenticeships, or vocational training programs. Students find that the competition after high school to enroll in educational and vocational opportunities is high and successful high school records can often determine a person’s success at pursuing the career of their desire.

Astoria High School is organized on a semester system. The school year is divided into two terms of eighteen weeks each. Students schedule seven classes each term. This gives students a number of opportunities to explore interests afforded to them. This guide allows students to plan their high school years so that all interests are thoroughly explored.

Parents are always welcome to consult with counselors and faculty members about the progress of their student. Often, a conference of student, parent, teacher, and counselor, helps to clarify what direction would be best for a student to take. If you would like to set a conference with one of our counselors or a teacher please call the high school at 503-325-3911.

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