Astoria High School Counseling Office

The AHS Counseling Office can assist students and families with the following:


  • New student registration and orientation
  • Educational planning
  • Support for special needs and accessibility
  • Identify post-secondary options consistent with your interests, achievement, aptitudes and abilities


  • School-to-college and career information
  • Information on community service activities/job shadows
  • Identify personal skills, interests and abilities and relate them to current career choice
  • Develop career awareness and employment readiness


  • School adjustment and engagement concerns
  • Wellness, life balance, and stress management
  • Peer difficulties and conflicts
  • Risky behavior and crisis intervention
  • Information and referral to community services and agencies

Let us know how we can help you!

Who is my counselor? AHS does not assign students to counselors to allow students to select whichever counselor they feel most comfortable with. Andrew and Beth are happy to work with all students and families regardless of the type of assistance needed.

AHS Counseling Office Staff:

Andrew Fick, AHS Counselor (

Beth Cornell Frausto, AHS Counselor (

Amber McCanna, GSC Counselor (

Tami Jones, Counseling Secretary (

Meredith Payton, Talent Search Coordinator (

Troy Henri, Upward Bound Coordinator (