QuickBooks Online

Advanced Pro Advisor and Intuit Platinum Partners

Here are some examples of how we have helped businesses in the last twelve months:

  • A small tech start up in London didn't quite understand how to best use the system to suit their needs. We provided basic training over two hours using video conferencing and screen share. After a few weeks we linked up again to show them how to reconcile the bank accounts. Then another catch up session a week later to make sure they were happy. They call us when they need us.
  • A medium sized business in mid Cornwall using Sage wanted to move to the cloud. Should they migrate data or start with a clean slate. On balance it was decided to start with a clean slate. We imported customer and suppler contact details and created a chart of accounts. Then, working with their accountants, we entered the opening balances. We then trained the two bookkeepers over a number of weeks. Since implementation we have helped them create budget reports and departmental management accounts.
  • An online business in Derbyshire had purchased QuickBooks but was just about to "give up". Following a short phone call we arranged a few training sessions after which he started to see how good the system was and how easy it was to use. A few months later we helped them with their first VAT return. Now they just calls us when they need us.
  • A large business still using Excel for their bookkeeping system. They had a trial on QuickBooks but didn't really know where to go next. Again, working with their accountant, we set up the system and input opening balances. They were amazed at the improvement in their systems. We created customised reports that are automatically e mailed to the directors each month and set up systems to allow management accounts to be produced each quarter. Once they were familiar with the product we introduced them to AutoEntry to further improve their systems. They can now see how and when the business makes profits, analyse customers and plan accordingly.

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