the 5th Annual

Tundra EdTech Tool Slam!

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#Tundra2020 Feb 12th!

The 5th annual Tundra EdTech ToolSlam, a night of learning and collaborating for area educators, will be February 12th, 2020! The event is the result of a partnership between the Neville Public Museum and the Ashwaubenon School district with sponsorship from Camera Corner.

The Tundra EdTech ToolSlam is a fast paced collaborative event involving area educational technology leaders and educators. It is designed to provide attending educators the opportunity to learn new technology tools in the classroom, as well as time to collaborate and explore with other attendees. Below are links to sign up and/or present! This event is very popular and will fill, so make sure to sign up in order to save a spot!

"Loved the speed & variety of ideas to use in my classroom! "

"What a great night of learning! Thank you to all the expert presenters for sharing! "

"Love the format, with the quick ideas! Doesn’t get boring, great event!"

What is Toolslam? Check out what happened last year!

Tundra'19 Slidedeck

ToolSlam Line Up:

  1. Gimkit by Jen Layden @layden_jen
  2. Scratch 3.0 by Brian Bartel @bbartel
  3. Google Mystery Number Hangout by Angela Drewery @MsDgrade2_3 and Amanda Couch @mrsacouch
  4. Flipgrid by Cliff Goodacre @CliffGoodacre
  5. Flippity by Ben Brazeau @Braz74
  6. AutoDraw by Jamie Averbeck @AverbeckTech
  7. Tour Creator by Ashley Knapp @MsAKnapp and Jen Gossen @gossen_jennifer
  8. GeoGuessr by Amy Uelmen @amyuelmen
  9. Tinkercad by Dale Basler @Basler
  10. Wordless News by Sara Rohde @rohde_sara

#Tundra19 Video

#TUNDRA19 Presenters

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