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Wood Doors:

  • Fire rated wood doors
  • Non-rated wood doors
  • Interior wood doors - pre-finished and painted
  • Replacement wood doors
  • Professional modification and prep

Wood doors are a beautiful compliment to many interior applications. They provide warmth and depth and can be either painted or pre-finished with a full palette of colors. Especially within multi-family dwelling situations, the unit doors must bear a fire rating label; and fire rated wood doors can be a cost effective and attractive solution. A commerical wood door is hung in a hollow metal frame - unlike residential doors which are built with a wood frame all in one assembly. Construction standards for a commercial grade door/frame assembly are completely different from those in a residential application. Contact us to discuss how we can provide you with a commercial door solution. Our customers often have questions like these -

~ Can I install a wood door on the exterior?

~ Can a fire rated wood door have the same label standard as a metal door?

~ What color can I paint or stain my door?

~ Am I able to just replace the door without replacing the frame?

~ How do I modify my door for different hardware?

We can answer these questions and more. Wood doors can be used in a variety of applications; however, they are not appropriate for exterior use unless they are very special, hardwood species. Wood doors can bear appropriate fire labels for many applications and can be included in a sufficient fire rated door assembly. With proper measurement and installation - a commercial door can be retrofit replaced in an existing frame. Let us help you assess your project and develop a correction that meets your needs. Contact us for a free estimate.

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