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Aluminum Door Solutions:

  • Aluminum storefront doors
  • Sidelights and transoms
  • Narrow, medium and wide stiles

Aluminum door solutions are perfect for storefront, lobby and other glass applications where light and aesthetics are important. Aluminum framing can stand up to the harsh weather in Chicago with tempered or insulated glass options. Aluminum doors can be fabricated in narrow, medium or wide stile with a large variety of locking hardware that appeal to both form and function. Contact us to discuss how we can provide you with an aluminum door solution. Our customers often have questions like these -

~ Will the aluminum frame rust?

~ Can I added access control to my aluminum door?

~ Are aluminum door assemblies available in different colors?

~ What are my options for repair if my aluminum door/frame are damaged?

~ What is the proper application for an aluminum door assembly?

We can answer these questions and more. Aluminum doors offer a variety of color and installation options. They allow for the presentation of glass in doors, sidelights and transoms for maximum light and visibility. Aluminum door hardware typically is designed with seemless form to accentuate the opening. Let us help you assess your project and quote an aluminum door assembly that best meets your needs. Contact us for a free estimate.

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