COVID-19 Response by Director

Welcome to ASD’s COVID-Response Website!

This website is not intended to cover every aspect associated with implementation or ASD’s COVID-Response plans and procedures, but it will give the greater community a sense of the way the Academy for Science and Design will meet the needs of our learners in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. Clearly, there are many challenges that must be addressed in designing a quality educational experience while maintaining the health and safety of our school community, and many individuals have devoted a great deal of time and thought into recommending the best path forward in this regard.

We will do everything that we can to make the right decisions for our unique program, but also want to point out the dynamic and fluid nature of the times as that will impact all schools, including ASD. Based upon potential challenges connected to the spread of COVID-19 for months to come, we must all be prepared to navigate through both rough and calm waters, all while keeping our eyes on the horizon-- our mission to foster curiosity, innovation, and leadership for all of our learners, as they will be the ones to ensure a brighter future for all of us.