Mrs. Summers'

Second/ Third Grade

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Eighth Week of School

October 14, 2018

No School on Friday!


New Reading Homework: Endangered Birds

Reading Booklet plus Reading Guide needs to be in by next Monday!

Math: Reteaching strategies will be sent home with third graders and math with second graders who would like it!


Class Expectations

We are learning how to check in on our feelings. Ask your children about the different zones they can check in on throughout the day.

Children are learning how to use different voice levels during the school day.

Children are at a table team where they will practice cooperative learning strategies.

Second Steps, our social-emotional program, will focus on how to be respectful to others.

Welcome to Eagle River!

If you are new to the area, please take your child to visit Eagle River Nature Center, Arctic Valley, Beach Lake, Mirror Lake, Thunderbird Falls or even climb Mt. Baldy. They will begin to understand the wilderness that surrounds them. Our school days will be filled with Alaska. Whether we are studying the weather, the Alaska plants, Alaskan geography or history, your child will be amazed at how unique this place is that we call HOME.

Great start of the school year gift for your child!

An Anchorage Library Card: FREE!

Our library is located on Business Boulevard next to the Alaska Club.

Phone: (907) 343-1530

Second grade is the mastery of phonetic skills, exploring longer books both fiction and non fiction, memorizing their basic number facts, and adapting more and more to the classroom environment. Third grade continues the journey with more challenging books, taking leadership roles, doing more independent work and learning the times table.

Please try to get your children here by 8:50 so there is time for them to settle down and start some important morning work. Their learning starts the minute they walk through the door!