What is Mentoring?

The Cambridge Dictionary describes Mentoring as the act or process of helping or giving advice.

At Inverurie Academy, we want all of our young people to be ambitious, to be included, to be treated (and treat others) with respect and to act with integrity.

The Scottish Government also challenges schools to have an education system which delivers both excellence and equity in equal measure for all children in Scotland.

Mentoring is part of the way we support all students to be ambitious and achieve excellence in reaching their full potential.

At Inverurie Academy, Mentoring takes place in least four different ways.

All of our S4 students are allocated to a volunteer member of staff who provides Assertive Mentoring at four points during the academic session.

All of our S5/6 students are offered the opportunity to be mentored by an industry / community mentor at four points during the academic session.

All of our S1 students are allocated to an S6 student who provides mentoring and support based on our language of skills.

Identified Students are offered mentoring once a week from a member of the local community. This form of mentoring extends for a longer period of time and is more relational in purpose.