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Treatment for Plantar Fasciitis

  • Stretches and Exercises. Stretching the calf muscle, especially in the slower standing with warm water on muscles and stretch.

  • Using Orthotics are vital because it is foot collapse (pronation) that over stretches the calf muscle

  • Plantar Fascia Massage. By using a golf ball on the bottom of the feet and roll your foot on the golf ball will massage the muscles.

  • Night Splints can help. Worn at night they stretch the calf muscle and reduces stress on plantar fascia.

  • Athletic/KT Tape. ...

  • Shoes and Insoles. Special shoes such as Spira Kinetic Walkers can reduce impact forces on the bottom of the feet providing relief.

  • Avoid High Impact Exercises. Walking on soft surfaces such as dirt and grass can help. Avoid or reduce waling on hard surfaces.

Comfort Shoes with Orthotics

Ergonomic Footwear

  • What kind of shoes to wear with orthotics?

  • Oxford shoes that work well with custom orthotics work well. In addition using advanced shoes such as Spira Kinetic Walkers

  • Should orthotics hurt at first?

As orthotics are used you are changing forces and firing of muscles used to walk and so there may be some short term adjustment.

  • Are custom foot orthotics worth it?

Absolutely they are vital in the treatment of Plantar Fasciitis - Arch Pain

  • Can my orthotics be moved between shoes?

YES, Custom Orthotics are made based on shoe type (oxford, athletic, style)

Plantar Fasciitis Shoes

Plantar Fasciitis Shoes

What is Ergonomic Footwear?

  • Specialized shoes with unique features to relieve pain and improve walking

Spira Footwear

Revere Orthotic Shoes

Kinetic Footwear

  • Designed to absorb forces of weight bearing on hard floor surfaces.

  • 94% Impact absorption of high shock loads while walking on cement, asphalt, tile.

  • Used with custom orthotics for maximum comfort.

  • We integrate your custom orthotics and customize your fit. Fully Guaranteed

  • Plantar Facilities Specialist - Relief Guaranteed

  • Heel Spur Cutouts

  • Knee Pain Relief

  • Ball of Foot Pain Effective

  • Sport Orthotic

  • Dress Orthotics

  • Casual Walking

  • Spring Walking Shoes

  • Custom Orthotc Sandals

Revere Sandals with inserted

Custom Orthotics

Spira Spring Shoes with Custom Orthotics

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We are the production Lab.


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