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If you need to take the impact test, please email and she will send you a link to take the test online at home.

Arlington uses the registration service.

(You'll need your student number)

Student-athletes MUST have a current physical and impact test on file to participate in any sport (Including tryouts). No exceptions will be made.

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◄ Registration Process ►

1. Eligibility

2. Returns & Fees

  • Return all previous equipment, uniforms

  • Include promissory note with check or credit card payment

3. Know the Rules

  • Read MIAA & Athletics Handbooks

  • Transfer and exchange student paperwork complete (if applicable)

4. Register

  • Have your student number ready

  • Register at the Family ID website

  • Review policies and permissions in registration

◄ Registration Checklist ►

1. Register:

  • At, beginning June 29th, 2020

    • You will need your Student ID # to register!

2. Review Handbook:

3. Physical:

    • Email a copy of a current physical to

    • Or Upload a copy directly to FamilyID

    • Physical exams cover students for 13 months from exam date.

4. ImPACT concussion test

    • Completed within last 2 years

    • Check with Meg Foley, if you’re not sure:

    • You can take the Impact test online if you email Miss Foley for link:

5. Payment and Promissory note: NO PAYMENTS WILL BE TAKEN AT THIS TIME

    • Checks are made payable to Town of Arlington

    • Make sure athlete’s name and sport is on check

    • All payments must be accompanied by a promissory note.

    • Link to Promissory Note.

    • Athletic fees are listed below.

◄ Registration Follow-Up ►

You can't play until you follow up!


1) PROMISSORY NOTE with payment

OR Free/Reduced lunch letter

OR Makayla Fund Scholarship acceptance letter (see below for more details)

2) Physicals

  • You can submit to the athletics office via fax, scan, or by dropping off.

  • NEW! Physicals can be directly uploaded on the FamilyID website.


Arlington High School strives to maintain the highest standards for our student-athletes on and off the field. As an MIAA member school, we adhere the MIAA handbook. Additionally, all student-athletes are responsible for upholding the expectations as set in the AHS Athletics Handbook.

◄ Athletic Fees ►

Athletic Fee Schedule

◄ Financial-Aid Scholarship Application ►

  • Those seeking financial assistance can apply by filling out the scholarship application form: Scholarship Application

  • Or, if you receive free/reduced lunch, bring a copy of your free/reduced lunch letter to the athletics office.

  • A scholarship application or lunch letter must be submitted in place of payment for eligibility.

  • Additional scholarship opportunities are provided by the Makayla Fund, please pick up an application in the athletic department or visit their website here, to learn more: