Visible Research Software Interest Group 


Research software is a vital component of research infrastructure, yet, it is often overlooked. The Visible Research Software Interest Group (VRS IG) was formed to affect change: boosting the visibility of research software in scholarly communications

The VRS IG sparks community conversation via a vibrant and open online discussion forum to make research software visible, cited, published and FAIR. Initially, the forum is the platform to discuss actions that can be achieved in our circles of influence. The end result is improved recognition of research software and its authors, less duplication of effort and more reuse of software assets. 



The VRS IG seeks to engage:

with capacity to champion and influence the adoption of policies, services and technologies to boost the visibility of research software in scholarly communications. 

How to become a member of the Visible Research Software IG? 

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Research software is defined to include source code files, algorithms, scripts, computational workflows and executables created during the research process or for a research purpose (Gruenpeter et al., 2021). 


Join us to celebrate our one year anniversary and ask anything about boosting the visibility of research software. Thursday 30 March 2023, 11.00 - 12.30 am AEDT.


Send an email to the co-hosts of this community if you have any questions. 


To discuss community topics to action, share news and ideas we are using a public discussion forum. We use categories for discussions and you can read about them in the welcome message.