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For those interested in joining the East Ascension Jazz Legionnaires (Jazz Ensemble). This ensemble will meet as a class in the fall and after school in the spring. Being a part of this group DOES NOT take you out of marching band or concert band. You will still be responsible for learning that music and participating in after school rehearsals. 

Audition Material: 

All instruments are required to play measures 53-72 of "Avenue Swing" by Mike Collins-Dowden (attached below). OPTIONALLY you can also play an improvised solo over a 12 bar blues in Bb. Please use the backing track provided (YouTube link) and the Chord Progressions can be found below. 

Backing Track

Bb Blues Changes





High Brass

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Prepared Music:

District: 2023 - 2024: Set I    2024 - 2025: Set II      2025 - 2026: Set III        2026 - 2027: Set IV

All-State: 2024 - 2025: Set I    2025 - 2026: Set II      2026 - 2027: Set III        2023 - 2024: Set IV