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2023 District IV Honor Band


Thursday, Jan 12

  • 4:20pm Load Bus

  • 4:30pm Leave EA for Hotel in Hammond

    • Holiday Inn, 1819 SW Railroad Ave, Hammond, LA 70403

  • 5:30pm Arrive at Hotel, check-in

  • 5:45pm Load bus, leave for SELU Campus, Pottle Hall

    • 548 Western Ave, Hammond, LA 70401

  • 6:30pm - 9pm Rehearsal

  • 9pm Leave for hotel

Friday, Jan 13

  • Leave hotel 8:25am

  • Rehearsal 9:00pm - 12:00pm

  • Lunch 12pm - 1:45pm

  • Rehearsal 2:00pm - 4:00pm

  • Dinner 4pm - 5:45pm

  • Rehearsal 6:00pm - 8pm

  • Leave for hotel 8pm

Saturday, Jan 14

  • Leave Hotel for 8:55am

  • Rehearsal 9:30am - 11am

  • Concerts 12pm and 1pm

  • All participants must

    • Pay $50 Participation/Hotel fee; due January 9th, 2023

    • Participate for 100% of the honor band weekend

    • Bring their own music stand

    • Leave with their parent/guardian at the conclusion of the concert. Concert will be held at Pottle Hall.

Rules and Regulations for Participating Individuals

  • Students failing to adhere to rehearsal and performance regulations and schedules are subject to dismissal.

  • Vandalism of any kind will bring immediate dismissal and the student and the school will be held responsible for any damages.

  • Possession of any legally controlled substance without proper written authority (Doctor's Prescription) or the consumption or possession of any psychologically active substance for non-medical use (including alcoholic beverages) will lead to immediate dismissal.

  • In case of disciplinary action taken by the Executive Committee, the Director, Parents, and the Principal involved will be notified immediately.

  • Any student dismissed from Honor Band will be prohibited from participating in this Honor Band Organization the following year.

  • Students must be present for and participate in 100% of all rehearsals and performances in order to participate in the honor band weekend.