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COVID-19 Band Plan

Materials for After School and Class

· 1 Gallon of water in a one gallon container/jug. A full CamelBak 1 or 2 gallon is also acceptable

· Flip Folder

· Dot Book

· Nail Bag

· Tennis shoes/sneakers

o Not permitted: slides, sandals, flip-flops, boots, Toms, Bobs, or other non-sneaker. If there is a question concerning footwear, they must be approved by the directors

· Mask

· Instrument

Procedures for After School Rehearsal

We will do our absolute best to remain within social distancing guidelines in order to keep the children and techs safe. We will follow the following procedure whilst sanitizing between each group. 4th Block will go outside before the bell rings as part of the normal daily lesson. Percussion will be let out of class before the bell in order to gather equipment from the band room and proceed outside. The remainder of the band (Lee’s 3rd block Wind Ensemble class) will arrive in the band room after the bell rings and proceed outside.

When practice is over, only percussion and tubas will be allowed to re-enter the band room. This is so they can secure the large, school-owned equipment. Every other student will be expected to bring all bags, instruments, and cases outside and will take it home when picked up from the practice field.