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Parents! Looking for an easy way to volunteer and help the kids out? Click the link below!

Flipfolder App and Ultimate Drill Book

This year we are moving towards paperless drill learning/teaching as well as paperless music for marching band. These two apps will be downloaded on the students’ smartphones, and all of their drill and music will be on the phone! No need for printing countless pages and copies anymore. Please download and install the Flipfolder App and UDBapp from your respective app store

For the Flipfolder App, each woodwind and brass player will need a special phone clip that attaches to their lyre or horn. Lyres will need to be acquired if not already owned. These will be required and needed for the first day of rookie camp and for the first day of full camp. Please look at the provided links:

Instrument Clips (recommended for trombones) (recommended for flutes)