Garfield STEM Magnet School Restorative Practices 

What are Restorative Practices?

Restorative Practices are based on the principles of restorative justice-relationships, respect, responsibility, repair, reintegration, and radical love. Traditional discipline focus on rules broken and consequences, while restorative practices focus on relationships and repairing harm.   Restorative Practices move away from punitive practices and emphasize the importance of positive relationships as central to building community. Rather than just isolating and punishing those responsible for harm, restorative practices  provide opportunities to restore relationships when this harm has occurred. In a restorative school community, both students and adults are held accountable for their actions by identifying who has been harmed, what they can take responsibility for, and how they can repair the harm.  

Goals for Restorative Practices

Why Restorative Practices?

National, State, and APS statistics show that exclusionary discipline such as suspensions and expulsions are implemented in disproportionate ways. This means students of color, special education students, and boys are suspended at higher rates than their peers. Exclusionary discipline practices have long term consequences. Students who are kicked out of class, suspended, or expelled are more likely to feel disconnected from their school, fail classes, drop out, or become involved in the criminal justice system

At Garfield STEM Magnet School we are committed to creating a caring and compassionate community where our students, staff, and families feel safe and welcome. Our goal for restorative practices is to help students develop those skills that are so important to their social emotional well being and academic success: empathy, self-awareness, conflict resolution and problem solving skills, and a strong sense of responsibility to one’s community. 

Check out this video to learn more about Restorative Practices at Garfield, and the positive impacts we have seen in our first year!

For more information contact our Restorative Practices Coordinator Ms. Chávez at 505-344-1647 Ext. 54562 or