Portland Dual Language Teacher residency Program


POWERPOINT PRESENTATION to Informational Meeting

What is the Portland Dual Language Teacher Residency Program?

As the Department of Dual Language continues to expand its programs Portland Public Schools is looking for bilingual educators interested in teaching in a Dual Language Immersion setting.

First, candidates apply to the program beginning in January and complete a partner language assessment. Second, candidates apply to Portland State University's Graduate School of Education or Oregon State University's College of Education and must be accepted into their teacher preparation program. The final step is to apply and be hired for a Portland Public Schools teaching position. Teacher Residents who accept a job offer would then apply for a Restricted Teaching License, which can be renewed twice as they complete their licensure coursework.

While we expand our recruitment efforts through collaboration with the PPS Human Resources, we anticipate that the current national market will not be able to provide the large numbers of bilingual teachers needed to support our nationally recognized dual language immersion programs nor our robust world language programs. Therefore, we are joining states across the country in establishing alternative pathways to certification.

In what setting would I teach?

Elementary: Dual Language Immersion Program

    • PK-5 grade - All subjects in one classroom in both languages

Secondary: World Language and/or Dual Language Immersion Program

    • Middle school (6-8th grade)
        • Language Arts in partner language and/or English
        • Social Studies in partner language and/or English
        • World Language
    • High School (9-12th grade)
        • DLI and/or World Language

Bilingual Substitutes

  • PK-12 (all subjects)

How many dual language programs does PPS have?

  1. Spanish
    • 19 schools
  2. Chinese/Mandarin
    • 3 schools
  3. Japanese
    • 3 schools
  4. Vietnamese
    • 1 school
  5. Russian
    • 3 schools

For more information on PPS Dual Language Immersion programs visit our DLI Website: www.pps.net/immersion

What supports will I receive?

Many of our teacher residents are people of color who have faced institutional and economic barriers to realizing their calling to serve the community through teaching. Our program removes these barriers and supports teacher residents intensely during their first three years as educators and thereafter.

Supports during recruitment:

Our recruitment and admissions process involves three steps:

  1. Preliminary Admissions by vetting through the Department of Dual Language.
  2. Admissions into a teacher preparation program at either Oregon State University - Elementary or Portland State University - Secondary
  3. Securing employment with Portland Public Schools.

Our Program Coordinator guides each candidate through this process by providing information sessions, workshops and connections with key district and university personnel. We train candidates in interview skills, lesson planning and even provide opportunities for classroom observations in our schools. The Department of Dual Language covers all the cost of the admissions process.

Supports the first three years:

In addition to completing a state approved licensure program at a university, accepted candidates can access supports strategically developed by our department for new bilingual teacher residents. This includes a three week summer institute, Mentor support, and Coaching from experienced teachers within the Department of Dual Language. Teachers can access a technology platform that facilitates reflective practice through video recording, peer observations, and focused feedback. Professional development workshops for more experienced teachers are also offered throughout the year and during the summer.

Supports throughout your career:

The Department of Dual Language is focused on investing in professional educators as they develop into teacher leaders and administrators. We offer opportunities for teachers to participate in workgroups that develop curriculum and make decisions on program design. We also provide opportunities for teachers to hone their skills as peer coaches and school leaders.