SCESC Master Teacher Program

Master Teachers go ABOVE and BEYOND what all skilled, strong teachers do.

Master Teacher Portfolios are due February 25, 2022

You may submit portfolios anytime prior to due date

Basic requirements for the Master Teacher designation are these:

Educators must at least:

*Hold a valid professional teaching license or certificate;

*Have taught a minimum of seven years (currently eighth year of teaching);

*Work a minimum of 120 days during the current school year;

*Work under a teaching contract/employed as teacher.

Teachers and other instructional personnel working outside of traditional classroom roles and core academic areas are eligible to apply.

MT Presentation


SCESC Master Teacher Presentation


Master Teacher

Portfolio Submissions

Master Teacher Portfolios MAY BE SUBMITTED ONLINE.

If you would rather turn in a hard copy of your portfolio, please bring it to the Stark County ESC

-Stark County ESC 6057 Strip Ave NW - Curriculum Department -attention: Tom Nunziato

Please choose your application status