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Welcome to Arrowhead Library!

Arrowhead Librarian - Ginny Allemann (vallemann@nsd.org)

Please contact me for help and reading recommendations! 

I'm at Arrowhead all week except Monday and Thursday afternoons.

The Arrowhead Elementary School Library Program seeks to energize and intrigue students through use of a wide variety of texts and projects. We cultivate curiosity, literacy, and creativity to enable students to succeed in an ever-changing global society. 

School librarians work to foster love of reading, joy in learning, and a sense of belonging. We model and teach current technologies to support students in becoming proficient and responsible users of information. 

Teachers and librarians create and collaborate for the best possible outcomes for students. 

Frequently Asked Question:

How do we pay for a lost library book? 

Please pay for lost books in InTouch. Contact the office staff for help with login. Once you have your username and password, you can pay the library fine at NSD InTouch Payments.  When paying library fines, please note that it may take 24 hours from the time the fine was assessed for it to appear in the system.