Student Advisory Board (SAB)

What is the Student Advisory Board?

Its purpose is to act as an Advisory Board to the MSBSD School Board and the primary goal will be to allow for student input into educational decisions and to voice the concerns and needs of the students.

SAB consists of student representatives from each secondary school in the district who meet monthly throughout the school year.

2021-2022 SAB Executive Board

  • President: Quinlen Schachle, Wasilla HS

  • Vice-President: HanaH Mack, Career & Tech HS

  • Secretary: Laura Lyford, Career & Tech HS

  • Student Advisory Board Rep (SABR): Benjamin Kolendo, Career & Tech HS

  • Curriculum Council Rep/SABR Elect: Vanessa Schachle

  • Public Relations: Ryan Thomas, Career & Tech HS

2021 -2022 SAB Meeting Calendar

All Zoom Meetings will start at 9am. Please dress appropriately for Zoom Calls and have camera in a fixed place for the meeting.

  • Tuesday, September 14

  • Tuesday, October 12

  • Tuesday, November 9

  • Tuesday. December 14

  • Tuesday, January 11

  • Tuesday, February 8

  • Tuesday, March 1

  • Tuesday, April 12

  • Tuesday, May 10

Permission Slips

All students are required to have a parent/guardian fill out a Student Permission Slip to participate in SAB.

RM11 Student Permission Slip to Participate.pdf

Interested in getting involved with SAB?

Read the SAB Constitution first then, contact SAB Advisor Jillian Morrissey or call (907) 746-9251.

SAB Constitution v.09-14-2021

SAB Constitution