GAUCHO Assessment

Welcome to Glendale Assessment Unites to Change Outcomes (GAUCHO)

What is assessment?

Assessment is about strengthening the student learning experience.

It involves four steps that occur iteratively: (1) Plan. Select the student learning outcome and design the assessment. (2) Do. Provide instructional opportunities and assess learning. (3) Check. Analyze the data and design an intervention to improve learning. (4) Act. Implement the intervention and reassess learning. In every step of the process, reflection and sharing are critical to success.

The transformative impact of assessment comes in the incremental changes we make as we continuously strive to improve the student learning experience.

Why do we assess?

Assessment allows us to verify student achievement and, when gaps in achievement are identified, work to implement learning improvement measures to ensure student success.

who do we assess?

We assess every student who attends classes, programs, or activities, regardless of their status as full- or part-time, in-person or online, adult learner or dual enrollment learner, or any other demographic difference.

What do we assess?

While every aspect of learning may be assessed from a confused facial expression to test performance, formal assessment includes identifying and measuring success on key learning outcomes.

where do we assess?

Learning is assessed in every educational setting, including during student-faculty interactions, conversations with advisors, athletic practices, helpdesk calls, student organization activities, and more.

When do we assess?

While assessment occurs during every student interaction with faculty and staff, formal assessment occurs when faculty, staff, and student leaders complete assessment reports of student learning.

Assessment is a commitment

With every student learning outcome we set, we make a commitment to our students about what they will get out of their time with us, and assessment allows us to confirm that we are fulfilling that commitment.