Chromebook Challenge

Staff: Begin Here!

Get out your ear buds for some video work.

Forgot yours? See Pam. She has some for sale at the low, low price of $3.00!

You are at the "Needs Coffee" level. Ready to level up?

Get your ear buds in and begin with a video or two:

Tip: Always work from the middle of your trackpad out towards the edges. If you begin towards an edge, it may not function correctly.


  1. Share something new you learned with someone at your table. Have them initial your name tag. (Don't have one? They're on the table - just add your name to it!)
  2. Pick up a Bob coloring page from your table and put your name on the back. With your Minion pencil, write something you just learned/shared in Bob's mouth (or a speech bubble), then color his mouth using your table's crayons. Be sure to leave your writing visible/readable!
  3. If you completed the BONUS (offline video), pick up a minion sticker from the prize table and put it on your name tag!
  4. Then continue to App Laud!