App Laud

Pick a Google App that you know the least about and watch its linked tutorial(s), then take it for a brief test drive:

  1. Done watching those videos? Be sure to take your new knowledge for a test drive by practicing it a bit. When you've completed your new creation, take your Chromebook to another table and share what you created/learned with someone. Have them initial your name tag.
  2. With your Minion pencil, write what you just learned/shared in Bob's left eye, then color that eye using your table's crayons. You might need to do some research about Bob's left eye! Also, when coloring, be sure to leave your writing visible/readable.
  3. Did you research Bob's eye color? If so, tell Pam what color Bob's left eye is and pick up a sticker for your trouble. Put it on your name tag.
  4. Name tag initialed? Bob's left eye completed? Drive on to "Knew? New!"