Seesaw is a digital portfolio that your kids will use in grades PreK-5. Students can post images, drawings, videos, and other examples of classwork to show what they are learning in school and share it with their familiy.

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Seesaw: Microphone and Camera Access Required Error Messages and Steps to Turn On

Need help logging in to an account, checking in for an online meeting with a teacher, or setting up a device? Check out the technology resources below.

Need more technology assistance? The district tech support help desk is open Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. on student days, and 7 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. on non-student days. Email or call 763-391-7180.

Troubleshooting Tips


  • Log out of Seesaw and Log back in through Clever

  • Go to the Self Service app, search Seesaw, and tap Reinstall.

  • Go to Settings, General, and check for a software update.

  • Also in Settings check the iPad storage, if it is full try deleting photos and videos to free up space.

  • After updating the app and the iPad try again and see if it is functioning better.


  • Log out of Seesaw and log back in.

  • Check to see that the Chrome operating system is updated on the Chromebook. Look at slide 7 in the Elementary Chromebook camp

  • Power off the Chromebook.

  • Remove chrome extensions that might be installed by a student. Open chrome, to the right check the puzzle piece in chrome, and look for any that are installed that are not installed by the district. Click manage extensions at the bottom of the list and it will let you see the ones that have a building by them, those are added by the district. Delete/Remove those that are self installed to see if it works better.

  • Make sure the student is starting in Chrome and not clicking on the link on the shelf to access Seesaw. If they are clicking on the icon in the Shelf, they need to click the launcher, white circle in the lower left, then click the up arrow, and right click on the Seesaw bookmark and unpin/uninstall the app.

Elementary Chromebook Camp Level 1