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The vision of the Park Center Counseling Department is for all students to be resilient, responsible, and contributing citizens. With the help of parents/guardians, community partnerships, and proactive interventions, every student in our district will develop a sense of self while also developing global awareness and cultural sensitivity. Our students are compassionate, confident, and resourceful citizens that are ready for post-secondary opportunities and the changing workforce.

The Counseling Team is here to support students and families.  Our work is grounded in our beliefs.

K-12 School Counseling Department Belief Statements: 

1) All students should have equitable access to a comprehensive school counseling program. 

2) Trust is essential to building positive relationships that promote inclusion, achievement, and success. 

3) School counselors use data driven practices to help remove barriers, provide resources and support, and increase access to opportunities for holistic growth. 

4) School counselors engage students in academic, social-emotional, and career education through large groups, small group counseling, and individual counseling. 

5) All students can succeed and have equal intrinsic value. 

6) Everyone benefits when cultural differences are acknowledged and understood and individuals are treated respectfully and equitably.

7) School counselors collaborate with all stakeholders to advocate for all students.