Our Media Center

Welcome to the Birch Grove Media Center

What do we do?

When you walk into the Birch Grove media center you will see art covering the walls, books filling the shelves and students involved in many types of learning.

Our Library

Books are a cornerstone to any library and we are proud of our collection. We have books that mirror our population when it comes to race, ethnicity and culture, but also socio-economic status, blended families, adoption stories, immigrant stories as well as traditional backgrounds. We encourage students to learn about themselves and others in a safe and welcoming environment.

Computer Science

Our 1:1 iPad program for the 4th and 5th grades enables teachers and specialists to collaborate on projects in new and inventive ways. This helps students understand that learning is not something that ends when they walk out their classroom door, but that all learning is connected.

Research Projects

Biographies, states, historical events...we use the media center to research information at all grade levels. How to find and process useful websites, books or databases is one of our main focus at Birch Grove. Lifelong learners start taking their education into their own hands at the elementary level by finding subjects that interest them and saying, "I want to learn more about..."

The media center is open from 9:30 - 4:00 every school day.

You can contact the Media Specialist, Mrs. Lanica Klein at 763-549-2304.