Welcome to the STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Math)Lab at DHMS ! We are excited to have students use tools and equipment available to design and create products within a theme of instruction

A little bit about the STEAM Acronym: While it's nice that the letters can be arranged in a way to create a word, I envision STEAM in the form of the graphic. 

Most projects will start with the Engineering Design Process. This involves understanding the problem, brainstorming and researching ideas, creating a plan, making a model or prototype, then testing to see if it works or is effective. 

Embedded in this process are the mindsets of science, the practice of math, the use of technology and the application of art principles. Along the way, students are also exposed to the idea of iterative design or making a prototype, getting feedback from the user or others and then making improvements. Other skills and mindsets that students will be using include: 

All of these skills will come easier with practice. In addition, all of these skills will also benefit students in other subject areas and in life. 

Mr. Abbott

Mr. Schulz