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Welcome to our Dynamic Learning with 1:1 Access - Parent Resources website

This is where you can come for support as we transition to a 1:1 learning environment.

Each section provides workflow examples, tutorials and other resources that can be helpful as we are learning together.

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There are four foundational beliefs that drive our use of digital tools for learning.

  1. Learning Drives Decision Making - Learning is at the heart of everything we do in District 196. The goal is that the use of digital tools are grounded in learning. As staff and students make decisions with digital tools we want to continue to reflect on what we want students to learn and be able to do.
  2. Multiple Tools in our Ecosystem of Learning - We strive to intentionally use multiple tools in our learning environments. There are human tools of conversation and discourse, non-digital tools of notebooks and print text, and digital resource. By using the strengths of the tools for learning we provide a balanced approach in a digital world.
  3. Learners want to Create - We want students to use learning tools to make their thinking visible. This provides an opportunity to create relationships, connections, perspectives, understandings, and purpose.
  4. Student Voice - We seek to provide learners with an learning environment where they can use their voices both face-to-face and digitally to construct understanding and perspective.
Students and Staff Using Digital Tools Image