CMHS ~ Career & College Promise 


Career & College Promise offers qualified high school students opportunities for dual enrollment in community college classes with RCCC. Dual enrollment pathways can lead to a certificate, diploma, degree, or state or industry-recognized credential as well as provide entry-level jobs skills. 

Through CCP, qualified high school students have the opportunity to pursue dual enrollment options, tuition free, allowing them to get a jump start on career and college preparation.      Requirements: Junior or Senior; 2.8 GPA

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Ms. Sweeney

Yes Center Coordinator

Room # 2208

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Are classes Virtual or In Person? 

Both! Most are virtual. Students can select virtual or seated/in-person courses on the RCCC Campus. 

Where is my Virtual Course in my schedule?  

Students work in the YES Center, Room 2208, for their virtual course 


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