Student Innovation Team

The 2017-18 Student Innovation Team List has been posted at the school. There were 30 positions filled in total.

If your name is not on the list, don't give up. Try again next year. Show everyone this year that you are a responsible and positive leader.

There was so much interest from grades 3 and 4 that I had to divide them up. Grade 3 will be coming during recess on Tuesday still, but Grade 4 will be coming during their recess on Wednesday instead of Tuesday.

Students have asked for links to some of the programs we will be using. This just touches the surface of the possibilities. These may also be used by friends.

1. Scratch (coding app that allows for animation and creating your own games - you do need to join if you want to save your work. It is free)

2. Hopscotch (coding program similar to Scratch but a little easier for younger students)

3. LittleBits Gizmos and Gadgets - How it works

5. Creating Google websites - tutorial created in Google slides. Click pause in between each slide if you are just beginning.

New Google Sites Tutorial

Below is from the 2016-17 School Year. Students didn't actually start until either January (Alpha) or March (Beta) 2017.

SIT in Motion

A grade 5 student created this Google Slide Show using some of the pictures and videos from our drawing, coding, and S.I.T. sessions.

The goal was to start looking at how to create a slideshow presentation and how to insert images as well as video into it. All grade 5 students learn how to create a slideshow presentation.

Next is a movie created by several of the S.I.T. members. Most of the videos were taken by a grade 3 student, Reagan, using an iPad. Most pictures were taken by the adviser. A good portion of both, but not all, were brought in to create this. A grade 4 student, Gabriel, did most of the editing in this project. He edited clips to take out some of the shaking. He also added the music and some of the transitions. For our first year, we had a lot of FUN learning new things that just don't fit into the regular computer schedule.