Schoology for
Anna ISD Parents

Schoology for
Anna ISD Parents

Schoology connects parents holistically to their children’s school life – they can keep track of daily student activities and achievements, and have full visibility of upcoming assessments and projects, individual progress and where to offer support, school messaging, calendar events and more.

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What is Schoology?

All Anna ISD students, PK-12th grade will utilize the Learning Management System, Schoology (pronounced: Skool’uh-jee) for all online learning. Schoology will also serve as the system for collecting evidence of student learning and archiving student academic records.

Schoology offers a platform for collaboration, communication, organization, discussion boards and a place to submit assignments. Teachers can review student work and provide feedback through the system. Schoology has a simplified navigation and a similar layout to Facebook. It is Apple & Android compatible and fully integrates with Google Apps for Education. Parents can have their own user accounts to view all their children’s work in one login.

With your parent account you can view your child’s:

Please remember that Parent Portal is the official grade book of Anna ISD.

Your Schoology Parent Account

Creating a Schoology
Parent Account

Schoology Login
for Parents

Padres cómo registrarse
en Schoology

Parent's Guide to Schoology

Parent's Guide to Schoology

Guía de Schoology para padres

Navigating Your Schoology Parent Account

Schoology Mobile App

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Although the Schoology mobile app has less functionality than visiting Schoology on a web browser, it is a convenient way to check the activity and resources you need as a parent.

Schoology Home Page

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From the Schoology home page, you can quickly view specific information about your child’s Schoology activity.

Student Activity View

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From the Student Activity View, you can view Schoology from your child’s perspective, and see what he or she sees, and receive updates about his or her activity.